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On November 17, an intriguing event was held at The Lodge with guest speaker Vladimir Radkov. We talked about mobile applications, their place in our lives and the possibilities for the development of mobile technologies and software solutions that will soon be the “new normal”.

In front of the participants of the event, Vladi reviewed the development of mobile devices and technologies from their creation and launch to the present moment. He talked in detail about the further development of processors, batteries, cameras and network connectivity. He also talked about all aspects of their future development – new and interesting projects that will make the devices of the future much better.

Special attention was also paid to the current topic of IoT (Internet of Things) and to what extent people will be dependent on it in the future. The idea of smart cities and homes and alternative implementations of AI (Artificial Intelligence) that are already part of our daily lives were explored. Great interest was caused by the presentation of future designs of devices that will surround us in the future. An example of this is wireless charging with IR/RF and devices such as smart rings and glasses that will be the “new normal” in an alternate universe called the Metaverse.

Vladi told more about the work of the company Neuralink and the topic “The future of brain machine interface”. Augmented Virtual Reality, LIDAR (Light detection and ranging), NFTs and Web3.0 were presented and it was discussed how they will be the basis on which the future of Metaverse will be built. The participants were introduced to the current version of the universe and the future plans for the development to the point of being an unchangeable and natural part of people’s daily life. Work, study, entertainment, recreation, social aspect, fitness, gaming and much more in the Metaverse will be an integral part of the man of the future. When asked “Can we imagine the future of the Metaverse?”, Vladimir replied: “It’s like at the moment of creating the first HTML site in the world, we can imagine the Internet as it is today.”

Vladimir told more about himself and the company (and our partner) eDynamix, where he works as the manager of the Mobile Apps Department. He shared with us his causes and his willingness to pass on his knowledge as a programmer to anyone who wants to develop in the field.

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