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E-commerce has seen a real boom in recent years. A huge number of businesses have offered online shopping opportunities. As a result of the COVID crisis the majority of companies prefer to trade entirely on Internet nowadays. 

On December 1, the marketing specialist at SuperHosting.BG and founder of Borislav Bozhidarov will tell how we can make an online store ourselves and develop it without having a programmer or be technically literate.

During the event “How to make an online store yourself?” he will give information about what the basic principles of E-commerce are, how to test an online store for free, and to upload photos and description of the products, and how to design a successful guided selling experience. Borislav will also present the basic tools with which reports can be tracked and bills of lading for shipments can created. He will also present the main marketing strategies for attracting visitors to the store and increasing the chance of purchase.

The founder of has been actively practising Internet methods of sales, advertising and content distribution for 7 years. He has worked for SuperHosting.BG Marketing department for almost 5 years. On a daily basis,  he tries to help Bulgarian businesses go online with the most suitable service for them.

Borislav’s personal mission is to make more and more people in Bulgaria digitally literate. The online store he owns makes orders on a daily basis. His business portfolio can be found both on the website and @stilka.home on social networks.

During the event he will also share the path that a business needs to take until it starts selling online successfully with the site.

At the end of the presentation, each participant will also receive a BONUS – a free domain for registration from SuperHosting.BG.

The event is free with advance registration at:

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