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Motivation is one of the key factors that help us achieve our goals. The crucial question is how to keep it on the way to achieving them? 

In the first part of our article we gave some valuable ideas for that. Here are some more tips that will help you stay motivated throughout the year. 

Make a plan 

Very often the secret of success in both personal and professional life lies in good planning. Whether you want to take time out of work to improve your qualifications, or start practising a new hobby – they both require a precise and clear strategy of how and when this can happen. Regularly filling out a planner for the week is a great start that will help you fit in all the goals you want to achieve and give you the focus and time for each of them. 

Don’t neglect your health care 

In the last few years, in the context of the COVID pandemic, we have repeatedly reminded ourselves that whatever we do our health should always be priority number 1. No matter what plans for the future we have, if we are not physically healthy, there is no way to fulfill almost any of them. 

We are currently in the midst of another flu wave, but there are some basic things we can do to at least slightly boost our immunity and try to resist diseases. Experts advise us to reduce the intake of harmful food and increase nutritious meals, which contain beneficial vitamins and minerals. Regular physical activity can also help you stay healthy. If you are not fans of fitness halls, you can always go for a nice walk outside. Don’t forget to sleep enough hours and drink the necessary amount of water. This way you will feel in shape and be even more motivated in performing your tasks. 

Be consistent. Results come gradually

Have you ever set yourself very clear goals at the beginning of the year, and by the middle of it your good intentions for fulfilling them have evaporated? Often the reason for this lies in the fact that you have not seen quick results. 

Every new good habit takes time to assimilate. Be consistent in building it and don’t give up. Gradually you will achieve your desired goals and see that no effort has been in vain. 

Balance between work and personal life 

To be mentally healthy and happy it is important to be able to balance successfully between work and personal life. If you focus only on one of them, the other will inevitably suffer. Those working remotely often face this challenge – in the comfort of their own home they can be tempted to take on household chores or vice versa – buried in work to neglect their loved one. 

That’s why working from shared workspaces is becoming more and more popular and preferred around the world. When we see how others like us are motivated to work, it gives us even more inspiration to cope with our work duties. Performing them from a coworking space, balancing between personal and business life is easier, and the time for performing tasks passes unnoticed. Want to see for yourself? Come visit us at The Lodge! Here you will have all the amenities of office space at your disposal, as well as a corner for rest when you want to relax between different tasks. 

More information about our plans can be found HERE. If you have any questions – do not hesitate to contact us at 087 042 6222 or .

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