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With the birth of The Lodge Coworking Space, we set one main goal – to develop the local digital ecosystem in Stara Zagora and to show that the city has the potential to be on the map of the technologically-developed towns in our country. On the way to it, we clearly realize that we want to work in partnership both with local businesses and specialists, as well as with people and organizations who are believing, that a strong and sustainable digital environment can be created in Stara Zagora. One such partner is DEV.BG – the specialized Job Board for IT ads. From the very beginning, they have been next to us and have supported us in various initiatives.

Who are DEV.BG?

The founders of the platform strive for DEV.BG to be “the best place where IT professionals find their next job”. Founded in 2016 in Sofia, DEV.BG began its journey as an IT community and became a leading tech Job Board, offering IT professionals to choose from over 6 000 up-to-date job postings every day. More than 30 000 IT experts are members of the DEV.BG network.

Approximately 130 IT job advertisements in 43 technology categories are added to the site daily. Whatever you are looking for – the probability of finding it is huge! DEV.BG partners with more than 1100 companies, each of which has a detailed employer profile on the platform. 

It has also a special Digest section, which is dedicated to inspiring stories from the IT sector, current news and interesting interviews. In addition, DEV.BG conducts analyzes and surveys among the technology community and shares current trends in the industry.

DEV.BG is also one of the main organizers of over 160 specialized tech events in Bulgaria every year. Thus, they enable IT experts from different technological fields to exchange knowledge and experience. They are also the organizer of the largest conference in the technology sector – DEV.BG All In One.

Our support and partnership with DEV.BG is one of the things that give us confidence to continue in the direction of development of the local IT, digital and entrepreneurial ecosystem. And working with their team is always a pleasure for us. Special thanks, DEV.BG!

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