The new season of events at The Lodge kicks off with an AI theme

The new event season at The Lodge Coworking Space kicked-off with a strong start – Artificial Intelligence (AI). On October 4th, we had the pleasure of hosting a special guest, Boncho Valkov, who shared his experience and knowledge in the field of AI in the event “Artificial Intelligence for Everyone – How to Utilize Some of the Most Popular Tools in Everyday Life.”

Boncho has been a programmer for over a decade. He graduated from Telerik Academy in 2013 and holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Furthermore, he completed his master’s degree at FMI (Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics), specializing in Artificial Intelligence.

Boncho introduced the most well-known tools and applications in the field of artificial intelligence and provided with concrete examples of how we can integrate AI into our daily lives. 

. He demonstrated how to generate car sales contracts, compare products, prepare for successful job interviews, and research specific business scenarios. These were just some of the many examples that he discussed. He also demonstrated how we can generate images based on predefined parameters.

The event was organized with the assistance of our partners from Mentormate, who contributed to the pleasant atmosphere and provided refreshing beverages for the participants.

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The Lodge will host the second edition of BASE Stara Zagora

Provoked by the interest in the program and the success of the first edition in the city, the organizers from the IT Stara Zagora Association will organize a second BASE cohort in October this year.

BASE program main goal is to encourage people with business ideas and start-ups to develop their concepts and turn them into successful ventures. Participation in the program is free. Everyone can become part of it without any age limit – from teenagers to adults. High motivation and an idea or started small business are the only requirements.

In the first edition of BASE in Stara Zagora, there were numerous great ideas: creating a workshop for the production of herbal cosmetics, developing consulting services in the field of financial and organizational management, a shop for personalized gifts, building a summer STEM camp for students and others.

BASE is sponsored by the “America for Bulgaria” Foundation and the Association of Bulgarian Leaders and Entrepreneurs (ABLE), and so far a total of 36 editions have been realized in various settlements in Bulgaria. In Stara Zagora, BASE is organized by “IT Stara Zagora” – an association focused on the development of the digital and entrepreneurial ecosystem in the city and the region.

The autumn edition of BASE in Stara Zagora will start on October, 26th and will last for the next 12 weeks. There will be lectures led by an entrepreneur or expert, who will share some of his personal experience. The topics are important for every start-up entrepreneur – finance, sales, marketing, human resources, legal norms, presentation skills.

At the end of the training, future entrepreneurs will have to prepare and present a business plan for their project. The winners will receive a financial incentive from the intended prize fund.

Do you want to be part of the second edition of BASE in Stara Zagora – apply by filling out the form HERE until October 24th, 2023.

Additional information can be found on the website of the Business Academy for start-up entrepreneurs –

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