In the last few years remote work has become more and more popular around the world. Various entrepreneurs, freelancers and digital nomads choose to perform their work duties remotely every day. Some employers also introduced this way of working as the only option during the COVID-19 pandemic, but seeing the benefits it provides, many of them decided to keep it long-term. 

Working from home is a very tempting option for anyone who works remotely, but it also has its drawbacks in the long run. That is why many of those working remotely choose to spend their time from 9 to 6 in coworking spaces. Which one, however, is really worth choosing? To perform work tasks with the cat around or to prefer a shared workspace? Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of both ways of working. 

Advantages of working from home 

Working from the comfort of our own home undoubtedly has its advantages. We don’t have to spend time traveling to a specific workplace, we don’t become part of the busy traffic and we don’t think about the means we have to allocate for transport or fuel. The familiar environment at home can give us a sense of calmness and security and, thus, accomplish even the most challenging tasks with minimal amounts of stress. 

At the same time, performing work tasks from home, we don’t need to spend extra time thinking about what to wear or how to put on our makeup for work. 

Working from home allows greater flexibility in choosing when to work, when to take breaks and when to eat. This can be very useful for parents with young children, students or anyone else who has to juggle multiple commitments.

 Disadvantages of working from home 

There is no denying that performing work tasks in pajamas can be a very tempting idea. Unfortunately, however, this way of working has disadvantages that are not to be overlooked. 

Despite the comfort, balancing our personal and professional life can be challenging. The lack of a clearly fixed working time leads to blurring the boundaries of when we work and when it is our time for rest. Performing household chores during working hours, on the other hand, extends the working day duration and at the end of the day it is quite possible to have the feeling that we have seriously overloaded ourselves working for at least eighteen hours instead of eight.

Another disadvantage of working from home is that not all homes are suitable for being used as a workplace. Usually at home there are many factors that can easily distract us and lead to lack of concentration or inability to focus our attention entirely on the project we have been working on for a long time. 

In addition, working from home can also be a very lonely activity. The lack of live contact with colleagues often leads to a drop in our motivation. Working with our teammates promotes a positive work environment and reduces the pressure that someone working alone may feel.

Of course, we cannot ignore the fact that at home we may not have a printer, a representative place for meetings or a secure and stable internet connection at our disposal, which can also lead to unexpected problems and negative emotions. 

Advantages of working from coworking 

If you work remotely, you have definitely heard of the existence of shared workspaces. They have been growing in popularity in recent years and this is due to the advantages they offer over working from home. 

You may find it surprising, but studies show that working from coworking often makes us much more productive than performing tasks at home. This may be partly explained by the fact that at home we can be easily distract by other things. Turning on the TV to work in the background, washing the dishes “quickly” or to collecting the clothes and turning on the washing machine are activities that can look harmless at first glance. The fact is, however, that they distract us and can make us lose focus for a long time. 

When working in a coworking our focus remains only on the specific task, and watching how others perform their professional duties, we are additionally motivated to do ours effectively and competently. The atmosphere in the shared workspaces greatly resembles the one in the offices and this additionally helps us to be tuned in to the work process. 

Another advantage of working from coworking space is the opportunity to make new acquaintances. Meeting new people from working in the same area or finding potential clients is a great asset! Enriching our network of professional contacts is always welcome, and socializing with other people is extremely important for us to feel good within the working day and after it. 

In most such spaces, various events and initiatives are also organized. Attending significant professional events not only makes us feel part of a community, but also give us new ideas and perspectives for development. 

Working from a coworking space can also have a direct positive impact on our physical health. Usually, the desks there are adapted for work, and the chairs are ergonomic and save us possible back and waist pain. While working from a shared workspace, it is more likely that we will remember to take more frequent short breaks and walks – something that we certainly miss at home, and the refrigerator is not to be open when we are not hungry. 

Coworking spaces can help in unforeseen circumstances. We need to print a document urgently, but we don’t have a device at home! We need to have a meeting with an important client, but the restaurants and cafes in town are not the most suitable place! The internet suddenly stops and the deadlines are approaching! It is almost certain that in coworking spaces we can easily handle these challenging situations. They have quality office equipment and special meeting rooms where we can meet even the most demanding potential clients. 

Among the advantages of working from a shared workspace are also the reduced costs. Most coworking spaces have different plans for renting a place. The costs are usually much lower than renting your own office. The package price includes everything and there is no need to deal with anything else, except our own work commitments. 

Disadvantages of working from coworking 

Like most things in our lives, working from shared workspaces can also have its disadvantages. 

For some people, having to spend time traveling from home to coworking may not be a good option. When working from home we can start with tasks as soon as we wake up and have breakfast, as well as finish what’s left after the kids are already in bed. 

We can’t deny either that in shared workspaces it can sometimes be a bit noisy. Although they provide favourable conditions for everyone to concentrate fully, the presence of many working people in one place can be distracting. However, those working from coworking spaces share that they usually get used to minimal noise. Others advise using headphones, with which we can even enjoy our favorite music while working. 

Of course, there is always a risk that someone else has taken over the meeting room exactly at the moment when we need to use it. This problem, however, can easily be solved if we book the rooms in advance for the hours when we need to use them.

What to choose? 

There is hardly a definitive answer as to whether working from home or from a shared workspace would be the best option for us, as everyone has their own personal preferences. However, we cannot ignore the fact that by nature humans are social beings and isolation and lack of contact with others can definitely affect us negatively in the long term. Coworking spaces combine the flexibility and comfort of home with the practicality and opportunities for social contact of traditional offices and are a great place to do our work duties. 

Whether you still prefer to stay at home or want to try something new and become part of a community of remote workers like you – you can always personally test the benefits of coworking. Come and visit us at The Lodge Coworking Space! 

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