In March, Stara Zagora launched an on-site course on one of the most popular programming languages in the modern IT world – Python. It is organized by IT Academy Stara Zagora and will take place within 4 months at The Lodge Coworking Space.

The training is aimed at people without any programming experience. The language is suitable for complete beginners because it is extremely accessible and has an easy syntax, rich libraries and a well-developed community.

During the course, participants will master the basics of Python and will be able to take their first steps towards a possible future professional career by learning to create all kinds of applications, information systems and software products.

The lectures will be held twice a week and will be led by Nikolay Komitov and Lyudmil Bonev. They both have years of experience in programming and teaching various courses for IT beginners.

Nikolay has been a developer for more than 10 years. He is currently part of the leading IT company in Stara Zagora – eDynamix, upgrading his knowledge and working in PHP and Front-end.

Lyudmil has been actively working with various programming languages for 30 years – Java, Python, JavaScript, Visual Basic, SQL, PHP, C++, C#, etc. He is also the co-author of over 10 textbooks on IT and computer modeling. He is currently an Information and Communication Technology teacher at “Prof. Minko Balkanski” Professional High School of Computer Science and Mathematical Analysis “Prof. Minko Balkanski” and at the Trakia University in Stara Zagora.

Those wishing to apply for the course can fill in the form at and send their CV by February 26. Detailed information about the training and its implementation can also be found on the website of the Academy.

As a partner, we will do our best for its successful implementation and for the participants to calmly and confidently take their first steps in the IT world.

Good luck to all who will join this adventure! Can not wait to see you!