The Lodge hosts a graphic design course organized by IT Academy Stara Zagora

On January 17, 2023, the graphic design course organized by the IT Academy Stara Zagora in cooperation with The Lodge Coworking Space as a partner and host started. In almost 3 months, participants will master the fundamentals of this increasingly attractive and desirable profession, learning to create visions that meet different goals using Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

The lectures will be held twice a week and will be led by another of our partners, Nedko Boyanov, from Art Collective On the Street. He is a graphic designer who lives and works in Stara Zagora. He discovered his passion for design at the age of 16, first starting to make the visual identity of a series of associations, organizations and events.

He later worked in an advertising agency as a designer, and subsequently continued his career as a freelance specialist. He built the vision of a wide range of local businesses and national companies, including the International Youth Centre – Stara Zagora, Invest Stara Zagora, Christine Fashion and others.

In our efforts to support the development of the local digital ecosystem, we cannot hide the joy that another group of motivated people will have the opportunity to start their career in the technology sector.

Good luck and creative inspiration to all course participants!