Coworking spaces are becoming more and more popular all over the world and, of course, there are some good reasons for that. No matter what exactly motivates us to leave the comfort of the sofa at home and look for a comfortable coworking space, the advantages of this way of working cannot be ignored.

More productivity and creativity

Studies prove that working from coworking spaces makes us more motivated and helps generate new ideas. When working at home, there are often factors that can distract us – a noisy environment, household chores that we may be tempted to do during working hours or other things that distract us without realizing it.

The environment and contact with other professionals working in the shared workspace predisposes us to be more disciplined in fulfilling our work commitments. You see that others are working and you mobilize yourself to finish the day’s tasks quickly, without procrastinating.

The feeling of being part of a community

Humans are social creatures. One of the factors that make us happy and emotionally balanced is our communication with others of our kind.

Coworking spaces provide a great opportunity to interact with people who work in our field and with whom we can discuss variety of topics. Working from a shared office, we feel part of a community, and this is important for every professional and his career development.

Establishing new contacts

A simple conversation can quickly turn into a business opportunity and a casual working relationship into a true friendship. In the coworking spaces, we can find both specialists from whom we can gain experience and those with whom we can have a beer after the end of the working day. In both cases, reaching out to other people can not only make us more social, but also open up new career and business opportunities for us.

In coworking spaces are often organized various events, where we can gain experience from colleagues, learn new things and participate in discussions on important topics.


Coworking spaces often have different options for renting a workspace. Most of them offer options both for people who want to use them daily for their main office, and for those of them who want to use them only a few times a month.

Whether we prefer to start our working day at 7 am or use the late hours of the day, the space rental options are different and can satisfy our individual work schedule. In most cases, we don`t need to sign a number of binding conditions. And most importantly – for one fixed fee you get everything you need from an office – from a comfortable desk and chair to great coffee in the morning.

A clear line between personal life and work

Work-life balance is extremely important for our mental health. Coworking helps us draw a clear line between the two things. Spending time there, we cannot be tempted to distract ourselves with things from the home environment, and when we leave, we know that our working day is over.

With working from a coworking space, the sofa will always be a place to relax, and the kitchen table will no longer become a work desk.

If you want to try the possibilities that coworking spaces offer, come to us! You can find more information about our plans HERE. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.