We continue to introduce you to our partners who are dedicated to helping us in building the local digital ecosystem. One of them is the Art collective On the street – a community for the development of a network of art locations and creative industries in Stara Zagora.

The main goal that the participants in it have set is to turn the city into an international cultural destination and a center for art production, innovation and creative industries. Thus, they hope to increase the international recognition of Stara Zagora and inspire more people with a creative profile and worldview to prefer it as a place to live.

Their mission is to develop a community of young people who have an interest in art. They create volunteer art teams – DAO, whose main idea is to involve young people in three creative spheres – “Video DAO”, “Applied DAO” and “Acting DAO”. The three work together for the organization of “Eco&Art events”, which will be held in Stara Zagora region.

The purpose of “Video DAO” is to develop the skills of young people to create environmental photo and video content. The participants  in “Applied DAO” will take part in workshops on applied arts, which will introduce users to eco art aspects such as land art, trash art, creating art installations, etc. “Acting“ will also aims to develop a community of young people, who want to improve their acting and on-camera skills, as well as create scripts for eco videos.

You can find more about the Art collective On the street on their website www.artstz.org/eko/