Workshop: Digital Art and Art through Artificial Intelligence

How can our passion for digital art become a profession? Can we create beautiful painted images using artificial intelligence? This is what Elena Nedeleva, Simeon Dukov and Nedko Boyanov will tell us on October 22 at The Lodge Coworking Space.

From 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 as part of the Digital Art from Passion to Profession Event, Elena will share with you what it is like to create beautiful images digitally and what you need to develop your talent.

From 13:00 to 14:30 Simeon and Nedko will hold a workshop demonstrating how art can be made with the help of artificial intelligence.

The event is organized by the Creative Team “On the Street” – a community aiming at the development of a network of art locations and creative industries in Stara Zagora.

Entry is free. We look forward to meeting you!

Data Science from the Valley of Roses with Mladen Zhelev

Did you know that in the Valley of Roses, along with the variety of fragrant plants, there are also programmers? It turns out that in Kazanlak there is a newly established and very successfully developing IT company that designs interesting projects for various organizations around the world – ITBP.

Mladen Zhelev is its founder and manager. He leads a team of specialists who design, develop and implement individual software business solutions.

On October 12, Mladen will be our guest at the Data Science from the Valley of Roses event. He will tell us more about one of their most interesting projects in the field that is becoming more and more popular among IT professionals – Data Science.

We will find out what it is like to run an IT company in Kazanlak, what the main challenges are and what his vision of the future development of the sector in the region is.

Free entry. Advance booking at:

Starting: 18:30

We look forward to meeting you!